Monday, December 20, 2010

what I learned

Today I learned a lot. I learned that people will come to subway when its pouring rain. It was raining pretty damn hard today, I wouldnt want to drive in todays weather but a lot of people did today. it was crazy. But I had fun =] I had to wrap a couple of gifts today and since I didnt have any paper, I had to use the subway wrappers. it turned out pretty great lol. I also learned that everyone at the barnes and nobles cafe close to me knows what drink I like to get, they just have to ask if i want it hot or cold. I love it.

I need to cheer my friend up somehow, dont know what Im gonna do. but shes always there for me and I hope Im always there for her.

I fell for the wrong girl tonight. nuff said

Tonight. tonight was just fcking awesome!!! lol I learned the definition of LMAO tonight xD hahahahahahaha I need another repeat of tonight, I literally cried laughing. it was just one of those nights that make you enjoy life and not want to screw it up.

toy story. doesnt matter. all of them, just pure awesome

what I want to learn though. is how to make people believe in love.