Friday, December 31, 2010

So I think

So I honestly think I have been going out and having too much fun with either my friends, family or me just riding on my skateboard. My knee is officially killing me. I have a knee brace and everything but it still hurts. Its been almost two weeks since I hurt my knee. I couldn't take it easy for the first couple of days it hurt because I had work and volunteer, but since Ive cut back some hours its not really helping me. Running around playing Tag at 3 am at school or playing kickball at 2 am isnt helping at all. Yeah its winter break and I dont want to take it easy, I want to have fun lol. But my knee needs to get better asap. So I think after new years celebrations done I am going to rest my knee, try not to do anything and just relax on my couch or in bed at home. I already have a bad right shoulder, I do not want a bad knee too.

So, my plans are to:

  1. sleep
  2. Read any book I can get my hands on
  3. have a movie night at home so I dont have to go out
  4. buy a video game and just start tweaking out again
  5. relax =]
Dont be like me, If your in pain rest. rest immediately or it will get worse