Monday, November 29, 2010

Life 8

I must say. this week. was one of the reasons why I love living.a lot more ups than the downs. Have you ever had that moment where your just super sad and want someone to talk to? I sure as hell did today at school, and somehow all the right people just make my day. Just one after another my friends would be there for me and get me to awkwardly smile in class. All my teachers think im crazy for smiling in the middle of a lecture and my classmates wont stop teasing me for it, but who cares. I love my friends for what they do for me.

Thanksgiving was okay for me, its the first year without my grandma, and it just wasnt the same. Im gonna have to get used to it. My uncle ended up going to the hospital on thanksgiving too, we were all pretty worried that he wasnt okay, he said he was having chest pains and we all thought he was having a heart attack. He didnt have a heart attack. He may be having kidney problems though... I guess that just runs in the family and it scares the shit out of me.

Black Friday... Awesome =] nuff said

two more weeks of the semester... hope finals dont kill my grades

waiting for our midnight banana cream pie =]

my best friend and me xD

hope your having a good week in this ugly yet beautiful world

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thinking about you

So I was pretty depressed at work, and i started drawing random things and writing whatever was on my mind just so that I could get it out of my head. It really sucks being on an island sometimes, I miss certain people and I wish things could happen with certain people but I know its never gonna happen. So at work this came to mind:

What if I told you I loved you? What if I said I wanted to see where things would go with us? If I told you I wanted to be the reason why you randomly smiled in the middle of the day? If I wanted to be the person who could make you blush with the most innocent of comments? What if I wanted you to be the person whose name I couldn’t get out of my head? What if? What if I know this will never happen? What if I fall for you more than I already have? What if? What if I could just drop everything and run to your side, despite whatever distance there might be between us at any time? What if dreams became real? What if this actually happened? If you found out how I felt about you? What if?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving everyone =]

Happy thanksgiving from Hawaii =]
Hopefully everyone has a great day, and a great shopping day tomorrow =]

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

life 7

I always say there are ups and downs in life. life has been a pain in the ass, ive really had my ups and downs. two kick ass days partying and studying with friends, and then just certain conversations get to me and it makes me remember stuff Im trying to forget about.

I get my apex 37 on monday, hopefully. No work on Thanksgiving for me :D and black friday im going to shop and end up blowing off my whole pay check. My little sister Kalen has her concert that night too, and Im going to hang out with my best friend and work =] A lot of things to look forward to in the next couple of days and im not gonna let anything bring me down...hopefully.

this made my day walking home after a shitty day of school

this just looked cool at work xD

Bad side to the last week, dad officially quit his job with no back up job, found out next semesters tuition, and I screwed up with one of my best friends...we'll have to see where that goes I guess

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life 6

Life always has its ups and downs. As long as everything balances out it should be okay right? My whole life Ive been trying to balance everything out, but with the way my family is right now. I dont want to have any part of them. I love my family to death, and after I lost my grandma it honestly started to go downhill. My mom is becoming more controlling, my dad is quitting his job because he doesnt want to work anymore, my sisters are acting up and causing trouble for everyone. The only sane one seems to be my grandpa, so me and him are like two peas in a pod now. I guess this is me giving up on trying to get along with my family. I just need to calm down and find my balance again. Im just gonna find the time to read, hang out with friends more, focus on school and work.

Life is worth living as long as you find balance. I need that now.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Life 5

I have no idea how to start this "life" this week. Its just too confusing on whats happened in the past 30 hours actually. The other day my dad told us that he was going to quit his job and his last day of work is on the 17th of this month. He has no back up job and he wants to move to Las Vegas to find a new job and send money home when he can.... but honestly thats a bunch of bullshit. My dad loves to gamble hes not an addict or anything but I think he could be one. Im not known  to be able to control my anger, and last night I just snapped at my dad. He made my sisters cry, hes leaving us to go gamble more in Vegas and he made me side with my mom. If youve read my past blog posts my mom and I never get a long, but I would never wish for her to have to raise three girls alone. I just dont know what to say to my dad, my friends are telling to me to cool down and then talk to him some more about this. How do you talk to a man who had an idea of leaving his family behind, how do you talk to someone that selfish?

In all honestly my biggest fear in life is that I would have to be the big sister who has to quit college and find two jobs to help support the family. I love my family but Ive always wanted to go to college and get my degree in somethiing and become something. And idk where life is going to take me in the next couple of months.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

So because of

So because of stupid tourist not knowing how to stay on their side of the road and me thinking I was safe and no cars would hit me, I full on ate shit(fell) causing my arm to get all cut up from the road, shoulder popped out and my skateboard literally went fliying off a cliff and I cant get it back. my skateboard is my way to school and my ride I have to drive now, which isnt so bad, skating is just cheaper and a lot more fun. So I am in need of a new skateboard. and the one I want is around 250 with the bearings, wheels and everything. So I am semi broke right now, because all of my money is going towards my next semester at college. To save more money Im cutting off coffee, buying greek food and sadly no buying books for my nook
this is the new board i am hopefully going to get

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Life 4

So its monday again and Im sitting in a barnes and nobles cafe writing this. It is the only place I can study, dont know why it just is. I hope everyone had a great halloween and a great weekend in general =] my sisters had a lot of fun besides the light shower of rain every 30 minutes xP and being a college student I went to a lot of parties over the weekend and didnt finish all of my homework. I think Ive gotten 20 hours of sleep since thursday, and I dont think im gonna catch up on sleep anytime soon with only two more months of school.

So time for the pictures =]