Monday, November 29, 2010

Life 8

I must say. this week. was one of the reasons why I love living.a lot more ups than the downs. Have you ever had that moment where your just super sad and want someone to talk to? I sure as hell did today at school, and somehow all the right people just make my day. Just one after another my friends would be there for me and get me to awkwardly smile in class. All my teachers think im crazy for smiling in the middle of a lecture and my classmates wont stop teasing me for it, but who cares. I love my friends for what they do for me.

Thanksgiving was okay for me, its the first year without my grandma, and it just wasnt the same. Im gonna have to get used to it. My uncle ended up going to the hospital on thanksgiving too, we were all pretty worried that he wasnt okay, he said he was having chest pains and we all thought he was having a heart attack. He didnt have a heart attack. He may be having kidney problems though... I guess that just runs in the family and it scares the shit out of me.

Black Friday... Awesome =] nuff said

two more weeks of the semester... hope finals dont kill my grades

waiting for our midnight banana cream pie =]

my best friend and me xD

hope your having a good week in this ugly yet beautiful world