Friday, April 3, 2009

why you started reading

My friends usually ask me why I like reading so much, they think its boring and that they would rather watch the movie. I usally tell them its because "I dont get along with my mom at all and that she always grounds me when I dont do what she tells me to do and when Im grounded I have nothing better to do" Usually I just would have read a manga(Japanese comic book in case you dont know), but she would start taking those away too. My friend understood my first reason why I read so much, but he wanted another one so I told him what my math teacher told me "maybe you dont read is because you havent found a book that turns you on yet"(I know that sounds weird but yea...) his face turned red after that and i couldnt stop laughing, I even had to tell him that my math teacher said that quote not me. To tell the truth me and my mom usually got along before I started going to high school, I dont know if it was me who changed or it was her(i think its her cause she drinks and smokes way to much). So before high school I never really liked reading, until I had to do 5 book reports in one quarter so I went to barnes and nobles and saw a book by Lara Adrian. The book was called Kiss of Crimson and I finished the book in one day and the rest of her series in the next week. For me I have a lot of reasons for why I started to read, what are some of yours?

this day was the best

So someone in my family is having a party, and my mom tells me to make a cake and that she'll pay me to make it. She buys everything that i need for the cake and out of the supplies I have, she has this weird shaped container. The container was in a weird shape and I ask her about it but she says its suppose to be like that and I have to put the cake better in... and guess what it looked like....
it looked like a penis!!!
I was laughing me ass of when I saw the thing, I had to ask her where she got the container...she says she got it from the sex store. Can you picture your own mother in a sex store!? cause I sure as hell cant. After I finish making the cake apparently she wants frosting for the penis looking cake too... I could not stop laughing so she has to finish making it... Now it looks like a cake that just came! I dont have the picture with the frosting but I have the picture before the frosting. This day was hilarious!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Books read for March

I had a two week vacation in March and yet I still didnt read more than 10 boos, usually every month I read around 11 but lately I barely read 5. I blame my AP US history class we get way to much work(winter and spring break homework) and I dont get the spare time to read... So this month I read:

1. Crank
2. Suzuka(manga)
3. Parallel(manga)
4. In Your Room
5. Cracked up to be
6. The Wave(for school)
7. Stargazer

Not a lot, but whatever books I read were Amazing!!! Especially Cracked up to be! Im doing the 100+ book challenge and do you think reading an entire series of a manga counts? If not I only read 5 books this month...