Friday, April 3, 2009

this day was the best

So someone in my family is having a party, and my mom tells me to make a cake and that she'll pay me to make it. She buys everything that i need for the cake and out of the supplies I have, she has this weird shaped container. The container was in a weird shape and I ask her about it but she says its suppose to be like that and I have to put the cake better in... and guess what it looked like....
it looked like a penis!!!
I was laughing me ass of when I saw the thing, I had to ask her where she got the container...she says she got it from the sex store. Can you picture your own mother in a sex store!? cause I sure as hell cant. After I finish making the cake apparently she wants frosting for the penis looking cake too... I could not stop laughing so she has to finish making it... Now it looks like a cake that just came! I dont have the picture with the frosting but I have the picture before the frosting. This day was hilarious!!!


robin_titan said...

Cool now I can comment and say..

hahahaha this is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!