Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chronicles of Vladimir Tod

Just finished Twelfth Grade kills by Heather Brewer, and honestly...I was kinda disappointed. I love the whole Chronicles of Vladimir Tod books, and they were all fast paced books with mystery, romance and its about vampires. But for me, the books were too fast paced, there were more things i would have loved Heather Brewer to add in. Even if the books were fast paced, they are still great books to read, and I would most definitely recommend them to anyone. So get to reading =]

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This is my view from school. I swear just the sight of hawaii makes me not pay attention in class

even when its raining its still a beautiful sight

The only bad thing about school is that I have to walk up these stairs if i cant find parking

Alkaline trio

New band to listen when your reading. Alkaline trio, has been around for a while but I just discovered them and fell instantly in love with this one song. Calling all Skeletons =]. I found this song right before I was about to read Return to Paradise by Simone Elkeles. To me it was the best band to listen to when I was reading.

So far my top three fav songs:

  1. Calling All Skeletons
  2. Help me
  3. Mercy Me

Lyrics for Calling All Skeletons

Here it is again yet it stings like the firsttime

Seems it never ends, Double nickels on your dime

I thought we were friends, but i guess it just depends who you ask

These feelings tend to leave me with a hole in my chest

A hole in my chest

Now the time has come I just wish I could erase

All the damage done to your name and your keepsakes

Its only just begun, its been fun, we were blind deaf and dumb

There's a party in my closet calling all skeletons

All Skeletons..... Calling all

Where did you go as the lights went black?

look whats become of me

Ive grown to love your dissapearing acts,

Do one more pretty please

Now the time has come I just wish I could erase

all the damage done, all the pain, all this heartache

Its only just begun its been fun, we were fucked up and numb

Theres a killer on the corner and hes looking for love

Hes.... looking for love

Yeah hes looking for (you my love)

Where did you go as the lights went black?

Looks what become of me

Ive grown to love your dissapearing acts,

Do one more pretty please

And to tell you the truth I lost my faith in you

(You gotta stop sneaking off on me)

And these unspoken lies appear at the worst times

(you gotta stop sneaking off on me)

Theyre hiding just behind your eyes

Where did you as the lights went black?

look whats become of me

Ive grown to love your dissapearing acts,

Do one more pretty please

Where did you go once the lights went black?

You nearly gace us a heart attack

We thought you mightve swam out to sea

You gotta stop sneaking off on me

you gotta stop sneaking off on me

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

things left undone

My grandmas birthday is coming up soon and since she got cancer she didnt get to see everything she wanted. She wanted a lot more time with us, and she didnt get it. I remember a lot of things my grandma wanted me to do in life, and Im gonna try my hardest to make those things come true
  1. graduate from Highschool (done)
  2. get a job (done) I want to quit though
  3. go to prom (done)
  4. take my sisters to Japan (gonna happen this summer)
  5. get married
  6. watch over my grandpa (always)
  7. go to vegas and win some money
  8. make sure my sisters graduate
  9. try and get along with my mom
  10. remember her

I miss her like crazy, but we have to move on in our lives and remember the good times and not the bad times. if you only remember the bad your not going to want to remember that person and your going to forget them completly. Im learning that the hard way, and im trying to fix it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Books to read while waiting for your next class

So being in college is great unless your teacher decides to cancel class and not tell everyone. So I had like a 2 hour gap yesterday and all I did was read =] which is great. So the books Ive read since college started are:

Unraveled by Gena Showalter: Love =]

Sin Undone by Larissa Ione
I should actually be reading my biography book for english...but there are ssoo much better =]

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

somebody to lean on

I love my friends I really do xP. Stupid things happened the other night and when I needed to vent or cry they were there for me. talking me through things and making sure I was okay. They also reminded me that im not a burden to them, Im their friend and would do anything for me. Theyre my shoulder to lean and I love them for it =]. So just remember you always have someone to lean on even though you dont think you do.

Monday, September 6, 2010

stepping down

Being the oldest sister is a pain in the ass, but i honestly wouldnt have it any other way. My family means the world to me and i would do a lot for them. In the begining of the year I lost my grandma and I had to step up and help fill in her place in the house. I hated it for a couple of days, having to do so many things around the house not being able to see my friends as much just being exhausted. But one day i just gave up and ditched my family to just go out and be a kid again, got home went straight to bed. There is always going to be a Yin and Yang to everything, and I found it out the hard way. You realize your family needs you when it feels like your the only thing holding them up, and its felt like that ever since my grandma passed.

My grandma was born on October 17th 1932 her birthday is just a month away and its so hard without her around the house, and I guess Ive been driving my sisters crazy. So I guess this morning my sister had the courage to tell me that I dont need to worry as much anymore, that shes trying to step up and take more responsibility with the family...and didnt that just make me want to cry. and yeah it did. I dont have to hold up my family anymore. I can depend on others again like I depended on my grandma.

I miss her a lot but I have others in my family i can depend on. and my friends too