Tuesday, September 28, 2010

things left undone

My grandmas birthday is coming up soon and since she got cancer she didnt get to see everything she wanted. She wanted a lot more time with us, and she didnt get it. I remember a lot of things my grandma wanted me to do in life, and Im gonna try my hardest to make those things come true
  1. graduate from Highschool (done)
  2. get a job (done) I want to quit though
  3. go to prom (done)
  4. take my sisters to Japan (gonna happen this summer)
  5. get married
  6. watch over my grandpa (always)
  7. go to vegas and win some money
  8. make sure my sisters graduate
  9. try and get along with my mom
  10. remember her

I miss her like crazy, but we have to move on in our lives and remember the good times and not the bad times. if you only remember the bad your not going to want to remember that person and your going to forget them completly. Im learning that the hard way, and im trying to fix it.