Saturday, March 26, 2011


the past two days have been fun and amazing :] but whats sad is that I can officially say I'm short a best friend.

nerf gun battles, yakiniku, chill day at work, new ipod, new phone, paycheck from work, and I got a letter from Jake. yeah the past two days have been perfect and Im ready to go back to soon as I do my homework...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the moon

i can see the moon perfectly right now, and its beautiful. It makes my night everytime I see the moon. When it was a full moon this month it was just perfect, skating with friends and just talking under the biggest full moon in 20 years was just something else for me. Its spring break right now and Im having a lot of fun =] one of my best friends is home for a week, my other friend is getting healthier everyday, I get to take my sisters out to breakfast before school starts for them, I get to skate more :D and I can sleep in lol. yeah, this spring break has been awesome so far and have no regrets about it. just have to at least start on my homework though...then all is well =]

Monday, March 21, 2011

at the park

This is going to sound pretty creepy but I love watching kids play in the park. Theyre so care free and they have their parents watching over them so they dont have to worry. I remember coming to this park with my grandma and my sisters. She would watch over us as we played on the swings or ran around like there was no tomorrow. I miss that the most, having someone watch over you so you have nothing to worry about. Marco Polo wasnt just a game for my family, it was a calling to make sure we were all okay. My grandma would yell marco, and we would have to yell polo from youngest to oldest. I miss how simple things were when my grandma was alive, I miss her. Nankurunaisa. Whatever happens, happens. Im going to be a grandma one day and make sure my grandkids feel the same way I did, thats my long term goal at least. Short term goal is to take my sisters to this park and play in the swings, I'll remember what its like to do nothing but have fun, I'll remember that my grandma gave me this feeling of pure joy.

whatever happens, happens=nankurunaisa.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break

Spring Break is here!!! one week of having fun with friends :]

Last night was awesome, well actually all of yesterday was just pure awesome. My sister came home from her florida trip and bought me mickey mouse hands. which are pretty hard to put on. Got food, food and more food. Apparently my friends couldnt find me in barnes and nobles sssoo they decided to yell at the top of their lungs "Shannon!!! meeet us outside" I was going to murder them. but it made my night even better :]
Watched Battle LA last night and it was awesome :] then to finish the night off. we went and got all you can eat yakiniku at 2 am xD got home around 430 am and now Im getting ready for work at 1030. running on 5 hours of sleep :] its the way of spring break xD

hope everyone is having a good day and getting enough sleep

Friday, March 11, 2011


tsunami warning tonight!! an 8.9 earthquake hit japan.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Best Friend part two

"we'll see" I honestly only expected to hear those words from my parents only, never my best friend. Four of my friends are coming home for spring break and most of us are all excited and planning things that we should all do. stuff like going to get yakiniku, go to the beach, watch a concert, movies etc etc. But I guess my friend just isnt excited that people are coming home for a week and that we will just see them during the summer. None of us have seen her in months and the times we do see her she brings her boyfriend along and leaves early. I give up. I'll talk to her any chance I have but no more inviting her anywhere and trying to be a good friend.

In other news. Midterms are this week and next week. THEN ITS SPRING BREAK!!! :D you have no idea how happy I am. F my best friend right now, I get to see my best guy friend, my banana, my mini me, aannddd my wife lol

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Best Friends

Pretty sure Im short a best friend. I seemed to get blown off everytime I just want to "hang out" but if her boyfriend wants to "hang out" its completly fine. I miss talking to her everyday or doing random and stupid shit with her. She forgot the anniversary of my grandma passing, when a new friend remembered. Idk I love my best friend to death but lately shes not giving a shit. So im just gonna stop asking her to come hang out with us, gonna stop being the first one to start the conversation, gonna stop giving a damn about her ditching.

anyways. Last night after work was just perfect. We found an all you can eat 24-7 korean BBQ for just $20, the food was amazing too and I went with the right people who I just had fun with. Then we decided to go play around in Walmart. Picture 6 grown men plus me playing around with nerf swords whacking each other and runnning around like the crazy kids we are. I was surprised we didnt get in trouble,

People say you lose friends when you go to different colleges, I did lose a friend but I gained a lot more.
Oh wells