Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Best Friend part two

"we'll see" I honestly only expected to hear those words from my parents only, never my best friend. Four of my friends are coming home for spring break and most of us are all excited and planning things that we should all do. stuff like going to get yakiniku, go to the beach, watch a concert, movies etc etc. But I guess my friend just isnt excited that people are coming home for a week and that we will just see them during the summer. None of us have seen her in months and the times we do see her she brings her boyfriend along and leaves early. I give up. I'll talk to her any chance I have but no more inviting her anywhere and trying to be a good friend.

In other news. Midterms are this week and next week. THEN ITS SPRING BREAK!!! :D you have no idea how happy I am. F my best friend right now, I get to see my best guy friend, my banana, my mini me, aannddd my wife lol