Saturday, March 5, 2011

Best Friends

Pretty sure Im short a best friend. I seemed to get blown off everytime I just want to "hang out" but if her boyfriend wants to "hang out" its completly fine. I miss talking to her everyday or doing random and stupid shit with her. She forgot the anniversary of my grandma passing, when a new friend remembered. Idk I love my best friend to death but lately shes not giving a shit. So im just gonna stop asking her to come hang out with us, gonna stop being the first one to start the conversation, gonna stop giving a damn about her ditching.

anyways. Last night after work was just perfect. We found an all you can eat 24-7 korean BBQ for just $20, the food was amazing too and I went with the right people who I just had fun with. Then we decided to go play around in Walmart. Picture 6 grown men plus me playing around with nerf swords whacking each other and runnning around like the crazy kids we are. I was surprised we didnt get in trouble,

People say you lose friends when you go to different colleges, I did lose a friend but I gained a lot more.
Oh wells