Tuesday, September 22, 2009

not learning anything...but having a shit load of fun!!!

English was never my favorite class in the world, and now probably never will be. But i get to talk to a lot of my friends in that class and make jokes behind the teachers back, text other people in other classes or maybe even the person right next to me. =]
So one day my friend made a somewhat poem for me and it made me laugh like crazy, and my teacher gave me the most retarted look(even though her face is already like that....)

Shannon Shannon is a tree
How will you get down to me
Youve been up there since three
Do you not have to pee?

Shannon Shannon please come down
There are weirdos all around
They found something in the ground
Theyd love to show you what they found

Shannon Shannon in a tree
Where in the world may you be
Oh wait now I see
you are in the cemetery!

Shannon Shannon oh my dear
There is something you should hear
Theres a hobo offering you some beer
Just thought Id let you know my dear

Shannon Shannon did you know
That out of your tree down below
Is a present with a bow
What is it I dont know

Shannon Shannon will you please
Open your present just for me
There is a suprise you see
A box and a bottle filled with pee!

Thats her poem!!! =]

Sunday, September 20, 2009

These past two weeks

these past two weeks have been the best two weeks of my life and the most stressful. First it started off witht an Okinawan festival that happens every year.theres always a bunch of food, games, entertainment and its right next to the beach so you always have something to do after. I worked at the dunking booth this year, Ive been in the chair for the past 6 years and it never gets old. But this year was even better, not only did I not get a lot of free food, and a tan, i met this amazingly cute guy. =] hes the same age as me, but goes to a private school =[. but it doesnt matter, i talk to him everyday and its always fun to be around him.

But when something good comes into your life, something bad is always not that far behind, last thursday my grandma fell and broke her leg... it was around 2 in the morning, she wanted to go to the bathroom or something and the next thing i know is that my aunty needs me to get my parents up and to call 911. Believe it or not but that wasnt the first time I had to call 911, I hate calling them, sometimes they make you hold or they say "Ms you need to speak louder or calm down" how do i calm down and im yelling my head off! At the time I didnt know that my grandma broke her leg, i thought she was full on dying... If youve read from my blog before you might know that my grandma has had cancer before and is now in recovery. So if you were me you might have thought that the side affects of kimo therapy have caughten up to my grandma.

I went to the hospital in the ambulance and was awake from 2 am to 9pm, my grandma was in soo much pain when they were bringing her in the hospital i wish i was deaf or just had my earphones with me. Whats even worse is that I skipped on day of school to be in the hospital with my grandma and my teacher didnt excuse my absence and said "you should have came to school" I was about to kick his ass, i didnt care if i got suspended or expelled you should never tell anyone that!! My grandma stayed in the hospital for about 4 days and is now at home with me and the rest of my family.

Im happy and exhausted for what has happened in the past two weeks, and if your reading this then it might not have made any sense. =] im just reviewing about what happened and its making me remember that there is always good and bad things in life

Thursday, September 3, 2009

What I read in August

I am now nine months in the 100+ book contest and I'm not sure what my book count is anymore... I'll go and check later on. So this month in August I read:

  1. Fire
  2. Fade
  3. Rave
  4. Shiver
  5. Two way street
  6. Blue Kiss
  7. Blood Promise
  8. Intertwine
  9. Blue Moon
  10. Dark Warrior Unleashed
  11. Dark Warrior Unbroken
  12. Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Tenth grade slays

I think that's all the books I've read... August was a good month to read, especially since school started again