Tuesday, September 22, 2009

not learning anything...but having a shit load of fun!!!

English was never my favorite class in the world, and now probably never will be. But i get to talk to a lot of my friends in that class and make jokes behind the teachers back, text other people in other classes or maybe even the person right next to me. =]
So one day my friend made a somewhat poem for me and it made me laugh like crazy, and my teacher gave me the most retarted look(even though her face is already like that....)

Shannon Shannon is a tree
How will you get down to me
Youve been up there since three
Do you not have to pee?

Shannon Shannon please come down
There are weirdos all around
They found something in the ground
Theyd love to show you what they found

Shannon Shannon in a tree
Where in the world may you be
Oh wait now I see
you are in the cemetery!

Shannon Shannon oh my dear
There is something you should hear
Theres a hobo offering you some beer
Just thought Id let you know my dear

Shannon Shannon did you know
That out of your tree down below
Is a present with a bow
What is it I dont know

Shannon Shannon will you please
Open your present just for me
There is a suprise you see
A box and a bottle filled with pee!

Thats her poem!!! =]


SARA said...

shannon you... always the one with the full bladder huh?

Kira324 said...
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