Monday, March 21, 2011

at the park

This is going to sound pretty creepy but I love watching kids play in the park. Theyre so care free and they have their parents watching over them so they dont have to worry. I remember coming to this park with my grandma and my sisters. She would watch over us as we played on the swings or ran around like there was no tomorrow. I miss that the most, having someone watch over you so you have nothing to worry about. Marco Polo wasnt just a game for my family, it was a calling to make sure we were all okay. My grandma would yell marco, and we would have to yell polo from youngest to oldest. I miss how simple things were when my grandma was alive, I miss her. Nankurunaisa. Whatever happens, happens. Im going to be a grandma one day and make sure my grandkids feel the same way I did, thats my long term goal at least. Short term goal is to take my sisters to this park and play in the swings, I'll remember what its like to do nothing but have fun, I'll remember that my grandma gave me this feeling of pure joy.

whatever happens, happens=nankurunaisa.