Sunday, November 7, 2010

So because of

So because of stupid tourist not knowing how to stay on their side of the road and me thinking I was safe and no cars would hit me, I full on ate shit(fell) causing my arm to get all cut up from the road, shoulder popped out and my skateboard literally went fliying off a cliff and I cant get it back. my skateboard is my way to school and my ride I have to drive now, which isnt so bad, skating is just cheaper and a lot more fun. So I am in need of a new skateboard. and the one I want is around 250 with the bearings, wheels and everything. So I am semi broke right now, because all of my money is going towards my next semester at college. To save more money Im cutting off coffee, buying greek food and sadly no buying books for my nook
this is the new board i am hopefully going to get