Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life 6

Life always has its ups and downs. As long as everything balances out it should be okay right? My whole life Ive been trying to balance everything out, but with the way my family is right now. I dont want to have any part of them. I love my family to death, and after I lost my grandma it honestly started to go downhill. My mom is becoming more controlling, my dad is quitting his job because he doesnt want to work anymore, my sisters are acting up and causing trouble for everyone. The only sane one seems to be my grandpa, so me and him are like two peas in a pod now. I guess this is me giving up on trying to get along with my family. I just need to calm down and find my balance again. Im just gonna find the time to read, hang out with friends more, focus on school and work.

Life is worth living as long as you find balance. I need that now.