Tuesday, November 23, 2010

life 7

I always say there are ups and downs in life. life has been a pain in the ass, ive really had my ups and downs. two kick ass days partying and studying with friends, and then just certain conversations get to me and it makes me remember stuff Im trying to forget about.

I get my apex 37 on monday, hopefully. No work on Thanksgiving for me :D and black friday im going to shop and end up blowing off my whole pay check. My little sister Kalen has her concert that night too, and Im going to hang out with my best friend and work =] A lot of things to look forward to in the next couple of days and im not gonna let anything bring me down...hopefully.

this made my day walking home after a shitty day of school

this just looked cool at work xD

Bad side to the last week, dad officially quit his job with no back up job, found out next semesters tuition, and I screwed up with one of my best friends...we'll have to see where that goes I guess