Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thinking about you

So I was pretty depressed at work, and i started drawing random things and writing whatever was on my mind just so that I could get it out of my head. It really sucks being on an island sometimes, I miss certain people and I wish things could happen with certain people but I know its never gonna happen. So at work this came to mind:

What if I told you I loved you? What if I said I wanted to see where things would go with us? If I told you I wanted to be the reason why you randomly smiled in the middle of the day? If I wanted to be the person who could make you blush with the most innocent of comments? What if I wanted you to be the person whose name I couldn’t get out of my head? What if? What if I know this will never happen? What if I fall for you more than I already have? What if? What if I could just drop everything and run to your side, despite whatever distance there might be between us at any time? What if dreams became real? What if this actually happened? If you found out how I felt about you? What if?