Saturday, December 11, 2010


I think today was just THE perfect day of ups and downs. For every happy moment I had a sad moment, for every sad moment, there was a happy moment. its days like this that makes me believe in karma. The best way for me to wake up is the cold and the rain combined, in Hawaii its like snow to us. Cold weather and rain is just an awesome combination. Its just too bad I couldnt cuddle in bed and sleep the day away but I had to get to school and do some serious studying in math or I would fail my final. The fun part of that  though, is that after 2 hours of studying the power goes out in school. My classmates and I decicde to go carboard slidding on the wet grass and just have fun. It took about an hour for the power to go back on, and I passed my quiz that will help me for my final so Im pretty happy about that.

It seemed like everywhere I went the power would go on and off. It was quite funny. power went out at school, when I had to go home to get my uniform at work, barnes and nobles, and then at work. Im glad it was only for a couple of minutes.

There are always people complaining about there work enviornment or their coworkers, Im one of them. but today was not even close to that. today was just a super chill day, easy prep work, fun conversations, boss made us food, and a hell of a lot of laughs. Its just too hard to explain all the moments. The only down part of work is that someone stole money from our tip jar... the weird thing though is that he didnt take all the money in the jar. just like four dollars, honestly if I were him I would have stolen our whole jar...But oh well, still made $6 tip in one night, for a subway thats good.

My friends bought me my apex 37 I love them to death! it is such an awesome board, and I swear if a stupid tourist tries to run me over I will make them buy me a new board. Its too bad its raining too much. not gonna risk getting hurt. my bluetooth isnt working so I'll post a picture later of my board. Love it.

So I am laying in bed waiting to get tired. Just writing this random post and listening to any songs my ipod choses to play for me. My ipod loves me and knows what best lol. so lay in bed, put your ipod on shuffle and go with whatever song plays. with this I say goodnight