Friday, December 3, 2010

Sitting here

Guess its time for another random post.

Im sitting in the hospital keeping my uncle company since I have no school or work on Fridays. Im in a different hospital than the one my grandma used to go to, so it feels weird being here. I got lost earlier trying to buy some food, took me a while to get back but I got here. I probably shouldnt be eating ice cream in front of my uncle since hes not allowed to...but I need some comfort food. Mutliple myleyoma is what my uncle has. its the reason why he was having some kidney issues and some back pain. its all symptoms. he basically has cancer. it can be treated since it was found right away and my uncle has had good health before this. I should be happy about this right? my uncle has a chance of getting better, so why am I not happy?

Im wondering whats gonna change. Im wondering if Im going to blow off my friends again to come stay in the hospital. Im wondering can i talk to them about this? Im wondering if I can be stronger for my uncle than how I was with my grandma. Im wondering where to start.

I miss the old hospital, it was familiar there. Here. I dont know where anything is, I dont know the nurses, I dont know a place where i could go outside and still be close to my uncle. The food here sucks too.