Monday, December 20, 2010

Life 9

winter break is looking great so far =]. lots of ups and little downs.

Finals pretty much sucked last week, had to wait 40 minutes in line to check in to take my final, then wait an hour and a half to take the final and then it took me an hour and 14 minutes to finish my final. It sucked but I passed it with a B so I passed the class with a B. it was math so for me thats awesome =] worked pretty much 5 days in a row, would have been okay if we didnt have so much customers.

I am done christmas shopping and officially broke xD

I explained sunday. still pure awesome

So its monday and I had nothing planned. couldnt really do much anyways because of a killer headahce. I bought food for my sisters and I. althoguh i forgot to buy food for kalen so I had to go to a mcdonalds and pick her up some food. I get to hang out with my best friend on wednesday hopefully xD i just have to think of something that we want to do.

So a friend of mine told me that "she burnt her toungue on cereal. its fruity peppbles. always does that. unless its soft cuz of the milk its too whatevers and it scrapes the top of my mouth and makes it feel like when i burn it when eating something really hot.""those text messages made my day =]  literally had a facepalm moment. told my sister what she said and she started lauging and called her crazy. but we're all crazy on the insisde so its okay. now if she would just admit that herself we'll be all set. I know shes gonna read this eventually too sssoo admit that your crazy already =]

tonights a lunar eclipse hope you all saw it