Thursday, June 9, 2011


Im reading Bound by Darkness by Alexis Morgan and listening to my Ipod and let me just say my Ipod is just in sync with the book. I just couldn'p but laugh at how ironic it was.
With me and my friends we have a thing. As soon as we're all in the car and ready to go, we grab the drivers ipod put it on shuffle and, whatever song comes on first it will tell us how our adventure will be like. Usually its pretty accurate and makes the adventure even better knowing that someones ipod could predict the future. That is honestly one of the weirdest superstitions that my friends and I have but its okay. Theyre my family and I love them like I love my real family...sometimes hahaha.

its 1234 am right now and lifes pretty good. Working almost everyday so that I can have more shopping money in for Alaska and book money for the fall semester. Getting a lot better on my longboard. One of my cameras is still out of commission but I should be able to pick it up soon :]

anyways I'm going to keep on reading and listening to music until I fall asleep and repeat the same schedule tomorrow. nightnight hope who ever is reading this nonsense is having a great day and enjoying the little things in life.

The songs that were playing by the way were:
Just a dream by Nelly. Just a dream (cover) by Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie. Just a kiss by Karmin also another cover... hmm looks like my ipod wasnt on shuffle haha