Saturday, August 1, 2009

Stealing Heaven

Stealin Heaven by Elizabeth Scott was amazing, I think this is the third book that Ive read from her and all of them are amazing!!

Danielle and her mom are proffesional thieves, and its the only life that she has ever known. When her mom decides that they should go to a place actually called Heaven, she figures it gonne be the same as all of the other places. Do the research, steal whatever they need and leave town.
But as soon as she reaches the small town, everything is different, she meets Gregwho has a troubled past and is a genuine cop, Danielle knows she shouldnt get to attached to him but its just so hard. Then theres Allison who may turn out to be her first real friend.
As things go horribly wrong she must chose the life shes always wanted or the life that shes known her entire life

My opinion:
This book was easy to relate to in so many ways, Danielle just wants more with her life, but there is always something in her way...her heart. Shes been raised since she was young to steal things, all she wants is to have a place she can call home.But her mom doesnt want that, and Danielle loves her mom and doesnt want to leave her or dissapoint her. Stealing Heaven was amazing on so many levels, it was easy to read in one sitting, and just the way Elizabeth Scott writes it keeps you wanting more and guessing what might happen next.

Favorite Quote:
"My mother taught me to believe in Silver, to believe in things, but I think its more important to believe in me"