Sunday, August 9, 2009


Fire is a prequal to Graceling and takes place thirty years before Katsa and Po's story. It is also set in an entirely different land a certain character from Graceling makes an appearnence in Fire, other than that one character the story is differnet from Katsa and Po's. Fire is a monster, a human monster and the last of her kind. In her homeland the Dells there are monsters ranging from mosquitos to raptors and they all have one thing in common, there incomperable beauty that every man and women has a desire for. Buts that not all every monster in the Dells has some capability to control the minds of those around them, and there are those in the Dells who have built a strong mind to avoid being taken over. With the ability to control those around her and her beauty she inspires fear, hatred and longing. Fire is the one thing that everyone longs for in the Dells, Fires father was the old kings most trusted advisor, the man who lead to his death and the man responsible to the current state of the land. With her amazing gift she is saught after by the King of the Dells to help stop an oncoming war.

My opinion:
I absolutely love Graceling and knew that Fire would be just as great, but man was I wrong this book was ten times better than what I expected. I would just read the book every opportunity I had to read this book, and school started the same week I got this book so most of my teachers think that I dont pay attention in class....which is not a good thing, everytime i actually try to pay attention my teacher gives me the stink eye. But its not my fault I just wanted to read about Fire, Brigan and Archer, and the list goes on. The characters were amazing and the way Kristin Cashore writes just engulfs you with how amazingly beautiful their world is and how complex everything is. Fire was yet another kick ass girl who was able to evolve into something more than she ever thought she might be, Fire was able to grow out of the cruel shadow that her father had created and become a hero in the Dells. Fire was an amzing book and character, the romance in the book is breath taking, the action leaves you guessing and the mystery is something that cannot be missed. Kristin Cashore has written yet another amzing book but in my eyes and mind Graceling will always have a bigger part of my heart.


chinesedolphin94 said...

I cant wait for this book!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Foltz said...

Another blogger said the same thing about this book - that it was way better than they thought it would be (thinking it would be good to start with). Now I've really got to read this series. Thanks for sharing!