Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Im really not going to learn anything in english

Freshman year and sophomore year I had an awesome english teacher, but as soon as Junior year came it all went down hill. I had this short teacher name Mrs. Uecke which is pronounced as IKI, im not kidding about that. In her class all we did was read short stories, get tested on the story and then do the same thing over and over again. It was so fricken boring that i slept most of the time and still got an A or B in that class(matters on how willing i was to actually do her work). Now its my SENIOR year and I was so happy that I have a new english teacher but it turns out that shes like a million times worse!!! This new teacher Ms. Tomita is crazy as all crazy teachers come. On the first day of school she somehow came late to my period 5 english class, and it took us like 20 minutes just to take attendance just because she kept on talking about herself after every other name. Yesterday was the most hilarious day of all, for some reason when we were taking about the book Beowulf she asked about Harry Potter and how to say Voldemort... It took me and my friends like 6 tries before she could actually say the name correctly and when my friend Micheal wakes up and listens to the conversation Ms Tomita asks what Harry Potter is about and Micheal says its about a whole bunch of black guys who are trying to be friends with each other. I swear to god that she believed him with all her heart, and she couldnt tell that micheal was being sarcastic. My friend Mei Qi sat in our class this one time, she has english at the community college but she didnt want to leave yet cause it was raining so she hung out in my class. Mei Qi came to my class maybe on the 6th day of school and my teacher didnt realize that Mei Qi hasnt been in our class until that day.
Ms Tomita is a cool teacher and all but man she is so stupid sometimes and its driving me crazy!!! I thought I was going to actually learn something this year but for what Ive seen so far Im not going to learn anything at all...

Hope everyone else gets lucky and has a teacher who will teach them something...useful


Anonymous said...

That is horrible. English was always my favorite class. Luckily I had great teachers. Hopefully, you will have better luck in college.