Friday, September 28, 2012

I woke up from my nap. crying. I looked at the bed next to mine and wondered if things would ever be the same. Everything I do lately reminds me of her.
I cant drive in the car without thinking "when is the next time we're going to drive around the island?" I miss those nights when she drove me around, I drove her around and we just had each others company. It was one of those things I loved about our friendship. But you know what changed that? She invited Andrew to come with us one night. I fucking hated every moment of it. Driving around the island was our thing, or at least to me it was... I know they've gone around the island together and it just hurts knowing that. What I once held special to my heart is being ripped away.
I saw this random couple being cute together today at school and then the guy hugged his girl from behind. I wanted to cry. I miss doing that with Sasha. I used to hold her from behind at any moment and now? I'm trying to hold myself from falling apart.
Just every little thing is getting to me.
The songs I have, the places I go to, the food I eat and the memories I have. It all hurts.
I want another rejection. I want her to tell me to get the fuck out of her life and I will... the thing though... If she tells me to stay... I will.
Not because I'm wrapped around her finger like some people have been saying, but because I valued the little things that made up our friendship. I miss her as my friend. I miss her.