Friday, June 19, 2009

Rick and Bobo

I was so lucky to have an opportunity to review a book by the Ventrillo Brothers, there first book is called Rick and Bobo and I loved it.
Ray aka Bobo the happy go loving fun loving brother who is complete polar opposite of his hot tempered but brilliant brother Richard. When Ray creates a "Whiz-ard" he becomes a millionaire, he shares his earnings with Richard and do things that they have never thought of before. But sooner or later Richard and Ray get bored and decide to make one of Ray's fantasies come true. Ray wants to become superhero, using Richards brilliant mind and the supplies from the Vanir coorporation they were able to make that fantasy some true. But they both soon realize that every superhero comes with a supervillian.

I loved this book, Batman, Superman and Spiderman are nothing compared to Richard and Ray, their bond is strong and its just realistic and funny as hell. There were parts in this book that made me crack up out of nowherem fast paced and has action on every page. Rick and Bobo was realistic because it had explained in depth as to how their super powers came to be, not like other books where a spider bites them or they fall into a vat of toxic waste, in this book it was all pure science. For me this book used all the combacks that I would have used if someone was to tease me, and the events that had occured that made me crack up were random and nothing that i have never thought of before.

Favorite Quote:
"Evil begets good and good begets evil"


Meggin said...

Hey :) Great review- is it like a comic book, or manga, or an actual book? I love the quote you have from it.