Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Grounded on the second day of summer vacation

This is the worst way to start summer vacation IM GROUNDED, me and my mom never get a long(if youve read my older posts you would know) My parents contradict each other everytime, and usually ask my dad what time im suppose to come home from hanging out with my friends. He says whenever if i dont have to make dinner on that day. But with my mom its the complete opposite, she tells me to come home around 11. Yesterday I hung out with my friends all day, we went everywhere. My dad knows who im hanging out with and he says i can come home anytime, this time my cousins was with me. My mom never agrees with him on that... I dont do drugs, i never ditch class so im always wondering why doesnt she trust me like my dad. Did you know my mom thinks im a lesbian? Shes crazy!!! shes seen my boyfriend, and didnt even like him. Anyways since i have no curfew i came home around 3 am, and guess who was waiting...the lady who gave birth to me. She was so pissed off, but i didnt really care, i have learned not to care and my friends know i get grounded a lot. This is sad, me becoming grounded so much that my friends ask me everytime if im grounded. So i think im grounded for a week but my dad usually talks my mom out of it, so you never might see me at the beach tomorrow.

Hope no one else gets grounded like me, and if youre still in school...have fun and get good grades
if your on summer vacation and not me!!!