Friday, June 19, 2009

Im suprised

Yesterday I went driving and I couldn't decide on where to go, and out of nowhere my sister asks me if I can drive her to Barnes and Nobles, then my other sister says she wasn't to go too. My sisters never read and this was a total surprise for me. I'm the sister who's know to read a lot, and my younger sisters are known to be the kids who watch TV and play on the computer all day. So when we get to Barnes and Nobles I figure my sisters would buy a picture book or some kind of magazine... My youngest sister Kalen buys a manga, and my other sister Megan buys the lightning thief book, I would understand if they would want to buy a book for school, but in Hawaii everyone is on summer vacation already. Kalen would always tell me that I should stop reading so much manga and read something else and yesterday she buys a manga. Megan tells me to watch more TV and all of a sudden shes buying a book. I am completely surprised and happy that my sisters are finally reading and not watching so much TV. This goes to show that people can surprise you no matter how long you've known them.