Monday, July 4, 2011


It feels so good to be home from Alaska. I had such an amazing time! 24 hours of sunlight, spending at least 22 of those hours doing something with  friends, family, random people on the streets and just enjoying some me time. I wish I could have used my own phone to talk to everyone back home, but T-Mobile for some reason doesnt work in Alaska.

It is 84 degrees here in Hawaii and back it Alaska it was like 50 degrees...Im dying at home right now :/

What kind of sucked for me on the trip the whole time though was not telling my family I was bi. My cousins know and my sister but my aunties and uncles dont know anything about it. They would make rude jokes and look at people with hate in their eyes whenever they saw two gay guys holding their hands down the street. It hurt a lot not telling them and it made me feel like a coward. I'm not sure if i'll ever tell them. On the brighter side though my cousin knew it was bugging me half the time and decided to take me to a bar and just play pool or dance with a couple of guys or girls and just have fun. Like a vacation is suppose to be.

This trip was just amazing for me and I could spend hours upon hours writing about it, but I wont.

hope everyones having a great fourth of July :]