Saturday, July 23, 2011


So for the next two weeks i work every single day of the week and my shifts range from 4-8 hours of fun :] I am going to love my next paycheck, but its going straight towards textbooks for school :/

BBUUTT next Friday we are combining three of my guy friends birthdays and gonna play airsoft in the morning from 7-2, then going to the beach until sunset, then watching a movie and then having a party at someones house. I cannot wait til next friday. I really hope I can get that one friday off... if not i might just not show up for work and deal with the consequences the next day... haha

My friend just finished her chemo therapy sessions yesterday and we're throwing a party for her tonight. I am so happy for her and hope she stays healthy.

hope everyones having a great day and or night

nightnight from hawaii