Monday, October 17, 2011


Moms a fucking idiot and I’m a fucking idiot too. I know that but she doesn’t. Today is the anniversary of my grandma’s birthday and also my best friends birthday. Tomorrow I have two midterms, work, and have to study for a business quiz. I was at school until 6:30 pm working on a project and studying for one of my midterms. My mom knew that and she still gets mad at me for skipping dinner. My family wouldn’t wait til after 6:30 so that I can eat dinner with them, and how did i know they didnt wait? My sister called me from her friends house saying that everyones mad at you for not coming home for dinner. I know I probably should have left earlier but fuck that. I need to do great on these midterms or I’ll never raise my gpa, if I didn’t go I would be missing 80 points for my project because my group members wouldn’t put my name if I didnt help today. I didn’t want to spend my grandma’s birthday waiting to have an awkward dinner with the family. I didn’t want to be sad around the house. I didnt want my family mad at me but whatevers. Its their choice to be mad and I dont give a fuck. 
Nankurunaisa. whatever happens, happens and everything will be alright.
it happened and it will be alright