Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mood Is killed

So I just got home from Kauai, drove through traffic, got a call from my old job saying I could have my job back and I start Monday. I unpack and was ready for a nap, as I was about to take a nap my mom wants to tell me what my sister did. I already know she's gonna start talking shit about her and of course she does. She told me how my sister loves to lie to her and she honestly does and I hate whenever she does this shit to me. I dont give a fuck if my sister has a boy friend at this age. I've met him, I've given my sister the sex talk. There honestly isnt much that I can do. I'm not going to tell her not to have a boyfriend, cause shes shes going to go behind my back and do it. I've done it so I know. My mom was a teenager before so she should know all of this crap. So why does she act like this? why does she make rules that she knows arent going to work? Why couldnt she wait til after my nap? or after my amazing fcking mood of coming home? Just fucking great