Thursday, February 3, 2011

should i?

Once agian I'm in a barnes and nobles typing out another post. I can say Ive read one book this year so far. Kind of sad, I know but I loved the book. Read the fever series by Karen Marie Monning I hope you'll love it like I did.

Anyways, my mom kicked me out of the house again. In the year 2011 Ive been kicked out of the house for doing nothing...Literally. Ive either been busy at school, work, doing homework and trying to have a life, my mom has gotten really mad that Im not at home doing the chores she doesnt want to do. I get that shes mad that she has to go back to doing chores around the house, but really...did she have to kick me out of the house again? at least this time I had my bag with all of my shit in it. I have my wallet, I have my laptop, and I have my apex. So im not complaining that I got kicked out of the house, I have friends who are willing to house me yet again for the next couple of days and I love them for it. No school tomorrow for me :] So im gonna finish as much homework as I can right now and just have an awesome weekend.

I miss my sisters, the only time I see them is in the morning when I drop them off at school. I miss trying to teach my sister to ride my apex, I miss having stupid arguments with my sisters, I miss teasing Kalen for loving Justin Beiber. I miss being a big sister. Work and school are kicking my ass.