Friday, November 13, 2009

got $40 gift card for Borders. =]

So for the past three weeks my economics has been working on an urban development project, and this project was stressful and fun at the same time. We had to build our own city, making sure the houses are affordable or at market rate and a whole bunch of other shit. Im just soo glad its over, well anyways at the end of the three weeks we had to present our final plan for our city to a group of proffesionals. It was so scary to share in front of them that one of my group members hands were shaking and he stuttered a lot during his part of the presentation. The day before we presented we spent like 6 hours at my house typing out everything, coloring the pictures, and just practicing what we're going to say. We ordered A LOT of pizza too. xD.

Heres a pic of my group members:
Bryson: the one who freaked during the presentation, Kristene, Jon, Janelle: the one who saved bryson. Christina and then me.

Heres a picture of what we built: my hands are in the picture.So the yellow legos are houses, the green parts are parks, blue are offices, red is business retail stores, and black are parking lots.

Street level view:
So even though our group did OK for presentations we somehow won, against our classmates. Which suprised all of us. The winning team members each got a $20 gift card to borders, and my partner bryson doesnt like to read so he gave me his card for free!! So now i have a $40 gift card to borders!!! I cant wait to go shopping!! Im so behind on my reading