Friday, September 2, 2011


I think I got fired tonight. If not Im gonna quit soon. Im tired of dealing with this bullshit at work. I get blamed for every goddman thing. I'm not the fcking manager or the assistant manager, Im just a lowed pay worker who will work just so I can pay for my bills. Im a part time worker, an on call worker, a full time student and I like to be part of my family whenever I can.

Today was honestly a relaxing day, I handled all the customers while my coworker did all of the prep work and refilling of everything else. My coworker got food poisoning yesterday and just got over his cold and he still comes to work because he honestly needs the hours and no one else could work. So he manned it through the day trying to help me whenever I needed help. We just finished cleaning the back of the store and the front, all we had left to do was the counter. I can clean the counter by myself, so I decided to give him a break and told him to go sit in the back. I was about to clean and then a customer came in, so I helped him and then another customer came in as I was ringing up the customer. My boss comes running in thinking the customer has been in the store for a long time, and once the guy leaves my boss starts fucking bitching at me and sees my coworker resting in the back and gets even more mad because he was just sitting there doing nothing. We had customers all fucking night. if we werent doing customers we were doing prep work or something else. He's sick and I let him take one fucking break and my boss gets mad at me for letting him rest. I mean honestly what the fuck?

My boss bitched at me saying I should have called him if mike (coworker) was sick and he would get someone to cover the shift. I called everyone asking if they could cover the shift, no one could and they all had legitimate reasons as to why they couldn't work. So after I called everyone I decided to call my boss and ask him if he could work in place of mike. Do you know what he said to me? "No too bad, make mike work" My boss knew that mike was sick. He fucking knew that he could have came in to take mikes place, but does he? no. When my boss came in he smelt like beer so I knew he was buzzed or drunk. Which makes everything worse.

The arguing went on for like an hour. My manager came in to close the store and he heard me and my boss boss arguing and he backed me up. He knows I'm a good worker and I do everything I can, I listen to him more than my boss boss because he just makes sense. As soon as I got my boss to shut up because he knew I was right he told me to get out of the store. I did and on the way out my manager gave me a high five and bought me a drink before he brought me home. So here I am typing with horrible grammar venting and debating if i should just not show up to work tomorrow. I need the money and I dont want to leave the rest of my coworkers dealing with my boss. I know i can handle him now and I'm probably gonna keep working until he fires me or I can make my on call job a part time job.

we'll see