Saturday, September 10, 2011


Drama, drama and more drama is all I have at school right now... Two of my friends almost started fighting yesterday and I think its gonna get out of hand sooner or later. Whats even worse is that all this drama happens between the breaks between my classes. The time I want to relax, study and shove my face with food is the time they decide to start making a scene in the school cafeteria during the busiest time of the day. I was beyond pissed. I basically had to carry my friend out of the cafeteria while my other friends held down the other girl.

honestly people this isnt high school anymore, we're in fcking college and its time to grow the fck up. I will knock the both of them out if they start fighting. I will knock them out and leave them on the floor.

ppplluusss my mom is giving my sister shit because she doesnt give a fck about making more friends at school or caring more about what she does. Lets take bowling for example; my sister bowls fine she has a good average and she listens to what he coach tells her. Then my mom makes a scene during her practice about how she doesnt talk to her teammates enough. her teammates are fcking right there and can here what shes saying. my moms being stupid. Then shes complaining about how she doesnt know what time shes going to be done working on a optional extra credit thing for school. one my mom is making her do the extra credit shit and two im the one picking her up and dropping her off tomorrow so she seriously just needs to shut the fck up right now.

Since the whole fight thing yesterday I feel like Im on the edge and if my mom makes one more argument of something stupid I will just take my sister out of the house for tonight and watch a movie or something. The night is young, I deposited my paycheck, I have gas in my car and tonight I dont think any of the shinagawa girls at home give a fck what my mom says or what the consequences will be. We just need a break and my mom just needs to take a chill pill. now.