Sunday, August 7, 2011


This summer is turning out to be a pretty awesome summer :] Going out everyday to spend time with friends, going on random adventures in walmart, playing airsoft again, driving around, avoiding getting tickets, coming home at 3 am then leaving for work at six haha this summer is just pretty epic and I have two weeks left of it. Today though was a family day. Had to go to the dentist, my sisters saw me at work, went to a fundraiser, danced like idiots at the fundraiser, buy smoothies, get lost on the other side of the island and take my sister megan to her bowling practice for school and ending up eating chinese before we came. The three Shinagawa girls having a girls day out. I need more days like this and I hope my friends can understand this :/ 

Some of my friends feel hurt whenever I chose my sisters over my family, or anyone in my family over them. I love my friends and some of them dont have what I have at home. Lets take my one guy friend for example; his older sister is the typical golden child and he is always hiding in her shadow. He is the smartest guy I know and his sister still outshines him no matter what. His parents dont give a shit about him and give him a hard time. So all he has is us, and we love him but he needs to understand that Im a big sister and I cant keep him company all the time. Guess what? he never does, he gets super p.m.s.y whenever some of us have to cancel plans on him and it sucks :/

but yeah today was honestly a day well spent :} tomorrow is going to suck though because i have a lot of shit i have to do at work since i took today off :/ oh wells. hope everyone is having a great night and or morning.