Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not my day

yeah.... today was just a why the hell did I get out of bed day. Should have just stayed sleeping with my killer headache, but I wanted to talk to him so i stayed awake. He found out i had a headache and told me to go to sleep again. I did and i ended up waking up at 240 when i start work at three. Got ready and realized my dad had the car so i rode my board to work, but going down a small hill my wheel decided to come loose. Im missing a bolt and a fcking wheel AFTER i just replaced the bearings for it. I called my coworker and told her i would be a few minutes late and asked if she could cover for me. I got my coffee from my friend for free today and as soon as I get into work some douche knocks the coffee out of my hand and i would have started dropping f bombs if my coworker didnt cover my mouth. Then i realized I forgot my uniform at home and   had to borrow someones.
^^^That all happened in 25 minutes after I woke up from a nap....
after my coworker alex went to barnes and nobles to get me another coffee and played some relaxing music while i demolished all of the prep work we had to do for the day hahaha yeah no customers and a butt ton of prep work isnt so bad when you have the right music and the right person to spend the next 6 hours with.

My night got better again when I came home to my sisters singing and dancing to high school musical three and I just couldnt help but sing and dance with them. Then i got to talk to him again tonight and it just made it even better. Now im cuddled on my couch eating pizza wishing i had soda and another movie to watch haha

nightnight everyone or good morning