Thursday, April 8, 2010

Girl meets Boy

"Hi my names Kira Shinagawa, I'm looking for my grandma Elizabeth Shinagawa, do you know what room shes in?" I should have asked mom for directions before I came here, I should have gone home first in general. Paddling was hard enough on my shoulder, but taking a 45 minute bus ride with all my gear was not the best thing to do.

"Lets see Elizabeth Shinagawa... oh here she is, shes in room 816." she looks at me up and down wondering if I'm going to cause any trouble.

I know I'm not the best dressed especially since I'm wearing swim trunks and a tank top with a giant duffel bag, hair everywhere and I'm pretty sure I have sand all over me. I cant believe its been a year since the first day I came here. Its like another home, where i know how to get to each room, where the food is, the best place to sit and relax. I just wish it was a place that would cure my grandma of her cancer, not just slow down the process.

"Hey Kira" I turn around and see my auntie and little cousin Alexandra . Alexandra is a year old with big brown eyes and curly black hair, and is the most chill baby the family has ever had. "I forgot something of your grandmas at home, do you think you can watch Alex while I go home and pick it up? I wont be gone that long, here's some money in case you want to get something to eat too. I can tell you just had practice so get something to eat for you and Alex please." before I had the chance to say okay my auntie was long gone.

"Wow Alex your mom is crazy you know that? but we love her all the same" with that Alex smiled and got comfy in my arms. "I guess we should head up then, thank you for the help"

"Hey grandma, look who I brought with me little Alex..." even after a year of seeing my grandma after chemo, it still kills my heart every time to see my hero just laying here in bed. "Grandmas sleeping Alex let me change clothes and then we can go get some food, and ice cream for grandma when she wakes up"

Much better, nothing feels better than a dry t-shirt and jeans after a long day of practice. I wonder what the specialty for the day is, I hope its not meatloaf again, there is no way is that meat special. Well its special for making me want to hurl after one bite, and its as hard as a rock.

"Come on Alex, stuff fussing around, I'll get you your food soon" sheesh everywhere hurt, my shoulder, my ankle and definitely my back. With no free hands I push the door open with my back, but end up short, all I hear is a thump and "oh that's just great, first day on an island and i get hit in the face."

"Oh shit I am so sorry, i wasn't looking and my cousin here was fussing around so i couldn't really be careful. I'm so sorry are you hurt, here let me help you up. Um Alex sit there and do not move." shit isn't this just great I'm already tired and my so called chill cousin wont stop fussing around and I hit this stranger in the face... hes kinda cute, and tall, and wow.

"I'm sorry, I hit you. I wasn't paying attention and I'm kinda out of it from having a long day of practise. I'm Kira, you are?"

"Not a problem, I'm kinda out of it too, long plane rides aren't the best thing. My names Jake, nice to meet you, um your cousin is starting to crawl away..."

"Alex come back here don't touch that. Again sorry about this, can I treat you to a soda or something? Its the least I can do after hitting you in the face..."

"yea a soda sounds great" he says with a smile on his face. With that one smile, I cant shake the feeling that this guy is someone I'm not gonna forget.


(end of first story)