Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boy meets Girl

"So I'm Jake Hanabishi, I'm from North Carolina and before that I lived in Florida. I was born March 23rd 1992, I have an older brother named Jeremy, and I'm now a resident of Hawaii as of 6 hours ago"

'hey, your birthday is just one day ahead of mine" wow this guy is amazing.... I didn't know to make this conversation going so I asked him to say any five random facts about him and he did. No hesitations. Just listening to him talking makes me feel like I've known him for a long time. its just really easy to talk to him and I love it.

"Do you mind if I ask why you moved here?" i ask
"well my mom and dad are divorced, and hes stationed here on one of the bases, not sure which one though. My mom and I are moving here for a little while to help take care of my grandma, shes sick. So I'm going to be home schooled until we have to move again." he says this with so sadness in his eyes, like its still a fresh wound he doesn't really life to talk about, but somehow he did with me a total stranger who hit him in the face with a door.

"Sorry to hear that, my grandmas really sick now too...shes a cancer patient. She says shes doing fine, but I know shes lying she just doesn't want me to worry." I cant believe I just told someone that... I haven't even told my friends yet, I think if I told them i would break down, wishing things would be different. But here I am no tears running down my eyes, just warm thoughts of how even when my grandma is sick shes trying to make me feel safe. I guess some things just never change in a person.

Once I look back up after what i just said, theres no pity in Jake's eyes just a warm smile trying to make me feel better. What is up with this guys smile? Every time i see it makes my heart melt and wonders how i can make him smile like that again. I guess i was zoning out, cause he starts waving his hands in my face. "Hello still there? your cousin is starting to wake up from her nap" I start to blink and remember where I am and who I'm with.

"Hey Alex, this is Jake, Jake this is Alex." all Alex does is stare at me and then stares and Jake for a long time...then smiles and goes back to sleep. "I guess shes still tired"

"So how about you tell me about yourself, same question. Tell me five random things about you."

"hhmmm lets see.... I love being in water so I paddle and swim, I have a bad right shoulder so I cant do what I love a lot, I love to read, I have two younger sisters and my grandma means the world to me." As soon as I finish a women comes walking towards our table with a warm smile.

"There you are Jake, Ive been looking everywhere for you. My shift is over now so lets head home." she then looks at me and says "Hey your the young girl from the Shinagawa room, I see you met my son here. Hope hes been treating you well."

I try to remember where Ive seen her before, but cant quite remember... "I'm sorry I don't mean to be rude but who are you?"

"I'm one of the nurses on floor eight, I always see you sleeping in the chair in your grandmas room, your a great granddaughter for taking care of your grandma like that, but shouldn't you be heading back up there? There are a lot of people up there now keeping your grandma company, I'm guessing your suppose to be doing that too." Shes right on the dot, wow... I'm suppose to be here to buy grandma some ice cream for when she wakes. "Shes right Jake got to go, and again sorry for hitting you in the face with the door"