Tuesday, February 9, 2010

wow xD

So I have been trying to save money for my trip to new york in march, and to do that I havent bought any books since december. I was at the mall last night with my dad and we decide to go into barnes and nobles, when i get to the teen section I instanly find four or five books that I WANT!!! I would just go to the library and borrow them but the waiting list for all the books that I want is ridiculous. So maybe after march and maybe after prom I will get back to reading. Did I mention that my grades in school arent doing that great too? =P well its okay, i know it could be better i just have to stop being so lazy.

I plan on getting the books

  1. Gone by Lisa Mcmann
  2. i cant remember the name...but the author was larrissa Ione
  3. A book by Carrie Jones
  4. and i cant remember the other book..

I fail at remember the names of the books i want, but oh well