Monday, February 15, 2010

what im thinking

This year is my last year in high school, I am an okay student, cant do a lot of sports because of my shoulder and actually enjoys certain kinds of community service. Im going to the community college here and right here and right now I wish I actually applied to the other schools i wanted to go to. Family is always important to me...or rather one member in my family was really important to me...and on the 27th of last month i lost her. Elizabeth "Betty" Shinagawa was the most important person to me in my life, she was like a mother to me, my teacher, and just grandma. I miss her like crazy, its weird not having her around. Freshman year was great for me, my swimming got a lot better and i was about to try out for our schools swim team, and try out for the paddling team. But as soon as i have all that to look forward to... my grandma tells me she has cancer, she said they had just found it before it could spread so her treatment wouldnt be so bad as other patients. was that a load of crap. my grandma was diabetic, and the radiation didnt make it any better. there was so much shit happening to such a wonderful person who enjoyed life soo much.

For a quick backround of my grandma, she is one out of six, had three kids, and 7 grandchildren and her mother, my great grandma just turned 103 this month. She was married for 54 years, has been to disney land five times, disney world once, tokyo disney land 4 times been to Korea, Las Vegas, New york and soo many other places I wish i could have gone with her.

In Sophmore year things looked better they looked a lot better for me. when my grandma was in recovery I met an incredible guy named Jake Hanabishi. His grandma had gone through almost the same situation as my grandma had, and that gave us an instant connection to each other. I fell for him and he fell for me we lasted 6 months together until he had to move away.

to be continued in part two....