Friday, October 23, 2009

No school Fridays

So today is the first day out of 17 days when all the public schools in hawaii have no school on Friday. As you know we are all living in a time where the economy is falling and doesnt look like its going to rise. Well a lot of the federal and state departments here are trying to budget the money, and to do so they have decided to either cut the hours of the workers, or fire workers. For the schools in Hawaii the teachers have accepted 17 days where they cant work, just to save money. It sucks for the teachers, maybe for the kids who are taking advanced placement classes, and for those who want to go to an out of state college but for me its another where i can have free time to do whatever i want. So on these 17 free days, I am going to sleep, read, go to the beach, go running, hang out with my friends, im going to be doing everything and anything. Well maybe I'll do some homework on one of those days.