Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Books read for March

I had a two week vacation in March and yet I still didnt read more than 10 boos, usually every month I read around 11 but lately I barely read 5. I blame my AP US history class we get way to much work(winter and spring break homework) and I dont get the spare time to read... So this month I read:

1. Crank
2. Suzuka(manga)
3. Parallel(manga)
4. In Your Room
5. Cracked up to be
6. The Wave(for school)
7. Stargazer

Not a lot, but whatever books I read were Amazing!!! Especially Cracked up to be! Im doing the 100+ book challenge and do you think reading an entire series of a manga counts? If not I only read 5 books this month...