Saturday, December 29, 2012

Her happy place? Is the drive I take home every time I pick her up from work. Her happy place is the route my dad used to drive me around to cheer me up or make me fall asleep at night. Her happy place is one of my happy places. 

When someone asked me about my happy place in front of her. I lied. I said "Having a midnight skate session during the full moon with the wind blowing behind me." Which is true and not true. My current happy place? Thinking back to that time when we were laying in my bed, going through my ipods pictures and videos. We were like that for an hour maybe and I was happy. I had her in my arms and I was happy. That is my happy place. I could never tell her that because she doesn't belong to me.She never really did. 

Caring for someone when you shouldn't. How do I stop? I know she will NEVER be mine anymore. I won't interfere with her relationship anymore. I can't. not again.