Monday, May 16, 2011

guess what?


that is all i have to say xD

Sunday, May 1, 2011


"Im in a relationship and its complicated". fcking hate saying those words it shouldnt be complicated, if you love someone you love them, but you know what? it is complicated. Its like every person i like isnt on this island (Lol i bitch and moan about this a lot) I dont want another long distance relationship, I dont want to fall for someone who doesnt live here, I dont want to fall for someone and not have the relationship go anywhere. So we do nothing. feelings fade and we move on to someone new. what sucks is knowing that person moved onto someone new, whose in the same state as them and who can actually hold them in their arms and kiss them goodbye. It sucks that theyve moved on, but honestly Im really happy for them. Im just happy they have someone and can maybe fall in love with.
Im going to miss the text messages at random hours, saying good night to them when its morning, having someone make me smile for no apparent reason. Im going to miss the fact or the feeling of maybe I could fall in love with this person and truly be happy.