Sunday, October 3, 2010


life gave me a pretty good beat down this weekend xD. I got beat down but i got back up and had a kick ass weekend(literally)


My friend decides she wants to go to the beach before class. So I got my butt up at 445 am to watch the sunrise and to surf. I should have just stayed on the beach and watched her surf because some people just dont realize that when youre on a wave, its yours. doesnt matter if youve been waiting longer, once you get the wave its yours. so what youre suppose to do is get out of the way... never assume people get out of your way. cause like they say when you assume you make an ass out of you and me, or something like that. So since i wasnt paying attention to anything but the wave i was on, i didnt realize this one dude trying to catch my wave. To avoid both of us losing the wave, i decide to pull out. and all to my knowledge i hit rocks in the water and get a huge cut on my shoulder.

School was a blast lol. i looked like a hobo when sharing my essay

lets see..friday wasnt as bad, until an old lady almost ran me over on my skateboard, i ended up flying into the air and making the cut on my shoulder bleed even more. I got ramen though and decided what longboard i want.

Airsoft. nuff said...if you dont understand me...go play a full auto game
then work from 3-9

Got into a fight and won :D i probably shouldnt be proud of that but I am. if anyone, I mean anyone tries to steal my grandmas bose earphones I will kick your ass. Ended up getting hit a couple of times, but the punch to my jaw is really killing me right now

then at night barnes and nobles to do homework.

all in all a good weekend