Monday, June 7, 2010

Got Leid =]

So I graduated on the 25th of May but havent had anytime to post it on here =] Its so weird being out of high school, everything seems more serious xP. So I will now post the pics my family took =] So here in Hawaii we give leis to a person on special occasions. If its your birthday you get a lei, if you get a promotion you get a lei, if you graduate from anything you get a lei. So I got leid.. a lot xD yeah you read that right I got leid.

Next year Im going to a communitycollege, most likely to study Marketing and Japanese...but who knows we shall see

My friend Kerri

David and Kara =]

My friend Sasha from the Mainland, she had no idea what the ceremony would be like so she was suprised xD
So Graduation was a lot of fun =] after grad we had a project graduation field trip thing, we ended up going to the water park from 11 pm to 6 am =]