Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Do you read when your sad?

I use books to get away from all the things that usually happen with my family...In my family I carry most of the responsibilities besides making money to support everyone. I make dinner maybe 5 times a week and do the dishes after, I make sure my sisters are getting picked up from school, call in medecine when my grandma and dad are running low, do the laundry and as soon as I get my liscence im going to have to drive everyone around. I think as soon as I graduate high school I might get more responsibilies... Doing all of this can be very stressful, what I usually do is go anywhere else it doesnt matter if its in a book store or out in the streets and all I want to do is just until I forget everything thats happening at home, forget the responsibilities that I have, forget that Im not a teen who can be carefree...All I want to do is forget!!!